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Online casino card games – fun entertainment!

Probably the most popular and legendary casino games are card games. After all, we all know how the villains in action movies spend their time at the poker table and outsmart each other. Let’s take a closer look at card playing, with a few tips and tricks.

Why is there such a huge menu of these games? There’s a fairly obvious reason – they’re very lucrative casino games. But if you’re smart and strategic about it, there’s a chance you can make some pretty good money and maybe even secure your future a little.

But how do you make it all happen and how do you choose the best casino to take your chances? We’re going to recommend some online casino games and tell you more about why!

What card games are available?

Two of the absolute best-known card games on the internet are, of course, Blackjack and Poker. You’ll often find dozens of variations of both of these games in casinos. In addition, it’s good to know that many online casinos allow you to play using special poker software, giving you an even more enjoyable gaming experience. Most of the games can also be played on a smart device, so you can take the excitement with you and take your mind off the cards while waiting for the bus or walking in the park.

Are you familiar with the rules of these two popular card games? They’re actually quite simple. The most important goal in poker is to have a stronger hand than your opponents. Luck plays a big part in poker, of course, but strategy and ‘bluffing’ also play a part, meaning that it’s possible to cheat and make it look like you have the best cards at any given moment. Of course, when playing poker, it is important to know the different poker hands (or card combinations).

Why is an online casino a good place to play cards?

The exciting casino games played over the internet are popular and rightly so. But you may have wondered, why play recreational games online at all, instead of going to the casino itself and experiencing the thrill of playing cards in a physical slot machine or at a real table?

The house advantage isn’t so great

Did you know that in card games (as in table games) the house edge is kept as low as possible? It is sometimes as low as 1% or even lower. If we compare card games with slots, the latter usually have a much higher house edge. So why not give card games a chance?

You can approach it cunningly and strategically.

approach it cunningly

Why is the house advantage lower in a card game? The main reason is that you can use a bit of cunning, your knowledge and your strategy when playing cards. If you’re well versed in the rules of blackjack and have plenty of experience, you’ll probably excel at the game. Maybe you’ll even win most of the time, because you’ll know exactly when to quit and when to move on. That way, your chances of winning keep increasing and the excitement grows!

Big bonuses and other opportunities

Card games often come with pretty good bonuses and prizes.

A cosy and convenient solution

Sometimes it’s just a tedious and stressful day, but you don’t feel like going out. That’s why online card games are a great way to overcome the daily grind. You can play on your computer or smartphone, in any of your favourite comfy clothes. Whether you’re lying on the sofa or in bed, the choice is yours!

You won’t miss the company

The misconception that playing online deprives you of social interaction is very misleading. For example, when you play in a live casino, you can interact with other players at any time. This way, you get both a good gaming experience and your social needs met. As a bonus, you get to share your fun and maybe even make some new friends. Isn’t it exciting to experience a bit of competition?

There are great emotions to be had for beginners and “old fish” alike.

Maybe you’ve secretly thought it would be nice to play poker, but you haven’t found a way to get started? If you don’t have the skills and experience, you probably don’t have the courage to go and play in a real casino right away. The good news is that in an online casino, you can play on an individual basis and in an environment that’s best suited to you. You’ll get better and better as you play. If you’re already a fairly experienced and good player, playing online can also be a good form of entertainment for you, which will also help you keep in good playing shape.

Playing with cards means your money doesn’t go as quickly.

Card games have a much slower speed than slots. While slots are already whizzing by at a speedy 10 rounds, you can only make one hand in a card game in a similar amount of time. So the pace is slow and your deposit doesn’t go quickly, but keeps you playing for longer.

So, to sum it up, it doesn’t matter if you’re just trying to get started in casino games or if you’re already an experienced player, you can try your hand at card games from the comfort of your own home couch, at any time of day.

Let’s talk a little about video poker.

video poker

As the name suggests, this game is played on slot machines against a casino, rather than against real opponents. Internet Casino offers a wide range of exciting video poker games to choose from. Video poker is a great way to hone your knowledge and gaming skills. The rules are not complicated and are mostly based on a five card draw poker game, which means that players can change cards at least once.

To play video poker, you must first choose a bet (make sure you have enough in your account) and then press the deal button. You will be dealt five cards on the screen immediately afterwards, if you wish to change any of them (to improve the strength of your poker hand) you can do so once.

In video poker, it is important that the poker hand meets the minimum requirements of the slot machine (this is usually shown in the payout table). The most common type of video poker is Jacks or Better, where payouts start with a pair of jacks and get bigger with each successively stronger hand. The richest amount can be won with a royal mare.

Try your hand at LIVE Casino

As you know, there are several different versions of casino games, including roulette. There can be dozens of poker games. To make the choice easier for you, one of Estonia’s best-known online casinos offers you the choice between two LIVE casinos, where everything happens right next to you. Which one would you choose?

Casino LAS VEGAS – This is the casino where you can feel the real Las Vegas feeling when you play live roulette, Blackjack or Common Draw Blackjack. This casino will appeal to those who prefer their entertainment in small stakes, as well as those who like to take bold risks.

Casino MONTE CARLO – When you hear the words ‘Casino MONTE CARLO’, you think of gorgeous casino halls filled with high rollers. Monte Carlo is an extremely renowned gambling venue among the very best players, where you can enjoy the well-known games: live Roulette, live Blackjack and live Baccarat.

Both casinos use the best innovative technologies and so we can look to the future now. We can bring the atmosphere and the gaming excitement of both Las Vegas and Monte Carlo to your home. Come and see for yourself at the live casino! Exciting card games are waiting for you at any time of the day.

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