Earning from sports betting

Earning from sports betting: the best methods

Once we have summarized some tips to keep in mind before you start betting, we can move on to the practical aspects of our guide by showing you some tricks for winning bets. In this section we will first look at how much to earn from sports betting and then discuss the best methods for winning bets.

How much money can you make from sports betting?

Have you wondered several times how to make money from betting? One of the reasons you are reading this guide is the idea that substantial earnings can come from betting. Although experienced bettors have sports betting as their only source of income, we must highlight the fact that there are few of them. Let us first see how to read betting odds, as these can be written in three ways: English, European and American. We use the European system, with the odds expressed in decimal form. Here is how they are organized:

  • European odds: decimal numbers (1.50 or 2, for example).
  • English quotas: fractional numbers
  • American odds: preceded by a sign in relation to how much you could get by betting 100.

This is as far as definitions are concerned. On a practical level things follow this path: if we reason with the European system we will have:

(amount wagered x odds of the bet) – amount wagered = possible net winnings

so, for example: 10 x 2.5 = 25 – 10 = 15. If we bet 10 euros on an event given at 2.5, we will win 25 euros, 15 net of the amount played.

How to win at live betting?

live betting

Another type of bets that can be made are live streaming bets. In sports betting, it is possible to predict the outcome of an event before it begins, as we analyzed earlier. However, we also have the option of doing so during the course of the event itself, making use of live betting. Let’s try to understand how this works.

The biggest difference between classic betting and live betting is the time available to those who want to bet. In classic betting you can spend hours studying, thinking about possible scenarios, reading statistics and whatnot. In live betting, on the other hand, you have to make decisions in a very limited amount of time. In fact, precisely because you play while the event is in progress the odds and the bets themselves change their evaluation very frequently. It follows that it is critical to click and confirm the bet you plan to place with the right timing, otherwise you may see the odds drop or even disappear.

If you like the idea of enjoying your favorite team while betting, choose from the best bookmakers that offer free live streaming, such as William Hill’s app and Sisal Matchpoint’s app

Always winning at betting: Myth or Reality?

Myth or Reality

Experiencing the thrill of winning a sports bet is a particularly good feeling. To hit a prediction, however, it is not enough just to be good, but it is essential to be helped by luck. Of course, experienced bettors know very well what we are talking about. Using a little common sense and demonstrating your skills, with a lot of patience you will be able to increase your profits, trying to maximize the bonuses made available by the various bet365 and SNAI.

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